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Desserts from Wodzisław have been served on Polish tables for many years, pleasing tastes of fussy consumers, both adults and children. Tasty, fruit-based and refreshing jellies from Wodzisław constitute one of the most elegant desserts.

Jelly with whipped cream, jelly with fruit, colourful jelly crystals or cake with jelly - these are just few possible forms of jelly use, and the variety of tastes contributes to an exceptionally unique character of this dessert, so easy to prepare.

Pastel Jelly - Pinacolada Taste
It is the first white-coloured jelly on the market. It will enable you to create new forms of traditional desserts. Unique combination of pineapple and coconut tastes refreshes, stimulates and motivates to have fun with Cuban rhythms.
Pastel Jelly - Blue Ocean Taste
A blue-coloured jelly surprises with colour intensity and exquisite combination of exotic fruit tastes. Its uncommon colour will enable you to prepare rainbow desserts which can enliven every table.
Pastel Jelly - Lychee Cocktail
This exotic fruit became inspiration to produce jelly with determined taste and charming pink colour. The pastel colour will be appreciated by those who like taste and interesting appearance of dessert alike.
Amber-Coloured Jelly - Cola Taste
Unusual amber colour, produced with no artificial food colourings, combined with refreshing cola taste is a perfect idea to impress with a modern and tasty dessert.
Amethyst-coloured jelly
The trendy colour of amethyst jelly will let you prepare a modern dessert, which will inevitably surprise your guests.
Turquoise-coloured jelly
The unique colour of turquoise jelly will enable you to prepare an extraordinary dessert, which will surely surprise your family and guests.
Ruby-coloured jelly
The precious colour of the ruby jelly will make your dessert shine at every king of party. A splendid colour is additionally enhanced with unusual mixed fruit taste. This combination of delicate colour and rich flavour constitute the basis to make any types of cakes and desserts.
Sapphire-coloured jelly
The exquisite colour of sapphire jelly perfectly matches the delicate mixed fruit taste with blackberry and plum flavour. This unusual mix of colour and taste will make your dessert delight either your family and guests. On the back side of the packaging, there is a recipe for the cake which will brighten up every afternoon dish.
Blue jelly
The extraordinary colour of the jelly and its taste composition, made of a variety of fruit, make it a perfect addition for cakes, as well as the base for each type of desserts. On the back side of the packaging, there is a recipe for the cake called 'Azure oblivion'.
Sour cherry-taste jelly
Sour-cherry taste jelly is a perfect, refreshing dessert for hot days, and if you decorate it with a sour cherry fruit...
Lemon-taste jelly
It is rather difficult to find more refreshing dessert than a lemon taste jelly. The taste of fresh lemons and strong aroma of yellow peel will add energy and improve your mood.
Strawberry-taste jelly
Jelly with the taste of real strawberries, decorated with 'Śnieżka' or whipped cream will remind you of the most splendid moments of your childhood.
It makes mouth water.
Gooseberry taste jelly
Smelling and sweet as the ripe gooseberry fruit with a delicate sour flavour. Simply ideal for a cake.
Orange taste jelly
Hot, tropical taste of the sunshine southern part of the globe, . Refreshing and wonderful aroma of orange even in winter evenings.
Mint and apple taste jelly
Mint and apple taste jelly is a perfect refreshment for your palate on hot days. Feel the delicate chill of mint and wonderful taste of apple.
Bon appétit!

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